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                ALAN DALE 
Prince of Crooners
     Before it was dubbed rock 'n' roll by DJ Alan Freed, this urban music had been around for years as "rhythm and blues".    It was the 1954 film Blackboard Jungle, with Bill Haley and His Comets' "Rock Around the Clock" on its soundtrack, that introduced this rocking sound to the entire nation.    The dynamic Georgia Gibbs followed with "Dance With Me, Henry!",  which she kept insisting was NOT rock 'n' roll  (but it sure SOUNDED like it!).  Gibb's reluc- tance to be associated with R&R was shared by most veteran artists: Rock 'n' roll was just a passing fad, or so they hoped.    Then came Elvis.

    In 1956, Elvis Presley made his network TV debut on the Dorsey Brothers summer replacement series, and within weeks the landscape of popular music was transformed:  R&R finally had its first super-star sex symbol.   When the year began, every new record by Eddie Fisher and Perry Como (then the most consistent record sellers)  was a guaranteed chart-topper.   By summer, most youth-oriented radio stations wouldn't even play their records --- or those of other main-stream artists.   Suddenly it was "adapt or die".   Perry and Eddie had the safety net of their popular TV series to cushion the fall --- in fact, Como went on to even greater television success --- and his album sales were healthy.  But he wouldn't have another top-ten hit until 1973's "It's Impossible".
                                   SURPRISE! SURPRISE!   DALE ROCKS!

     Who would have guessed that, of all the established pop singers, it would
be Alan Dale, a supreme balladeer, who would have success in rock 'n' roll.  

Among his fellow "crooners" there were several (I'll let you figure out who) that couldn't even swing, let alone rock.  Of the rest, only Sinatra had the necessary "edge", but he wanted no part of R&R.  As for Alan, he desperately needed to keep
the hit records coming or he'd never stand a chance of breaking down the blackball barriers.

      On further reflection, Alan's ability to adapt to rock 'n' roll shouldn't have been such a surprise.   After all, George Paxton's Orchestra was basically jazz oriented, similar in style to bands like Woody Herman's.   Thus, although Alan was mostly assigned ballads, he was surrounded by a very swinging musical environment.          In other words, his role can be compared to that of Sinatra's with Tommy Dorsey.

      Also helpful in developing his versatility were the impersonations he did on "Sing it Again" --- which ran the gamut from Mario Lanza to Billy Eckstine.   This sharpened his natural talent for mimicry and made it easy for him to pick up on the different inflections (as well as the harder edge)  required by R&R.    He adapted so quickly that his first venture into this "new" music, "Rockin' the cha-cha", not only chalked up hefty sales, it also led to his starring role in the film "Don't Knock the Rock", in which he played a R&R super-star.    During the next few years,  most of Alan's singles would feature at least one R&R side.     At the same time, those fans who still preferred the "old" Alan Dale sound could take comfort  in his night club appearances.  

AN INTERESTING SIDELIGHT:  Thanks to "Don't Knock the Rock",  Alan developed a sizable following in Europe (where his early career was practically unknown) and he is considered a great  rock 'n' roll singer!    His recordings from that film became top-ten hits in Belgium, Italy and Germany.   In light of this, it's unfortunate that Alan was unable to cultivate the European market.     Other '50's singing stars (Johnny Ray, Guy Mitchell, etc.), who found their careers languishing in the States, actually relocated to Great Britian for a time and found considerable success.   But again, Alan's fragile health, not to mention family considerations, made such a move an impossiblilty.   

Alan's 1950 collapse happened just as Paramount Pictures was "scouting" him.  By the time he'd recovered, they'd cooled off.

In 1953, Alan signed a contract with Universal Pictures for a series of Martin & Lewis-style musical comedies (co-starring his friend Buddy Hackett) ---- only to have the Studio permanently close down it's musical division a few days later.

In 1955, Alan was approached by the producers of a movie based on the romantic life (and mysterious death) of '30's crooner Russ Columbo, but  the project never got off the ground.   

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This list is not complete and some dates are approximate.   Additions will be made when more information becomes available. 
   ALAN DALE,  BAND SINGER - 1944 to 1946
Alan Dale began his recording career while vocalist with the George Paxton Orchestra.    Their primary label was Majestic, but the same recordings were also issued on several other labels such as Hit and Guild.   The  numbers were the same, however.    For example, Alan's first recording, "More and More", is to be found on both the Hit and Majestic labels as #7120.
               MAGESTIC (also HIT and GUILD)
                                                     1945 - 1946           
                                        Dale's vocals highlighted
V-Disc 523-B (Y release) /VP 1486 - XP 35089   
     You're So Worth the Waiting For / While You're Away
V-Disc 553-B (AA release) / VP 1581; VP 1570; D5TC 1395   
             One side is Sam Donahue Orch. Paxton side is a medley,
             the center part is Dale singing
"My Devotion".
More and More / Accentuate the Positive
Every Time We Say Goodbye / Only Another Boy and Girl
Out of This World / This Can't Be Love
Anytime / ?
Oh, What It Seemed To Be / I'm Glad I Waited For You
You Are Too Beautiful / Wave To Me My Lady
All the Time / Love On A Greyhound Bus
                           ALAN GOES SOLO
Alan's solo recording career began in 1947 under the direction of
Bob Thiele on the Signature label.  When Signature went bankrupt many of these recordings were reissued on other labels that Thiele headed, including Hi Tone, Advance,  and Coral.  
An asterisk * indicates song is not a new recording but is a Signature reissue.
          SIGNATURE / HI TONE RECORDS   1947 - 1949
15114    Jun.'47 
Kate /  If My Heart Had a Window
On the Old Spanish Trail / Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.
Mean to Me  /  Shine On Harvest Moon
15160    Oct.'47  
Oh, Marie  /  So Far
My Melancholy Baby / It's a Lonesome Old Town
I'll Hold You In My Heart / Papa, Won't You Dance With Me
The Wildest Gal In Town / I Never Loved Anyone
All Dressed Up With a Broken Heart / My Cousin Louella
15175   Jan.'48   
An Old Sombrero  /  Judy
15176   Jan.'48   
At the Candlelight Cafe / Thoughtless (instrumental)
15177   Jan.'48   
But Beautiful  /   I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover
Nina Nana  /   Now is the Hour (instrumental)
Isle of Capri  /  My Guitar        
I Went Down to Virginia  /  Poinciana
15197   Jul.'48     
Darktown Strutters' Ball (with Connie Haines/
My Happiness /  Tea Leaves
Goodnight Sweetheart  /  Meet Me  Tonight in Dreamland
Doo-De-Doo on an Old Kazoo/ Mean to Me *
Bella Bella Marie  /  Tara Talara Tala
My Melancholy Baby* /  Lady of Spain (instrumental)
Waiting For the Robert E. Lee  /  A Million Miles Away
Vampin'  /  Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me the Girl

          HI TONE
141         1949          Vampin' */ Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me the Girl *
162-A     Jul.'49      
Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk / I Love You
164-A     Aug.'49    
Through a Long and Sleepless Night / Circus
Oh, Marie  * / Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland *
                                          (subsidiary of Columbia Records 
             Thelma Carpenter, The Three Suns, etc.) 
    Taking advantage of Dale's
             popularity, they dug up some of Alan's old George Paxton records for these albums.
             This one features just one Dale/Paxton number: "More and More."

6024  Album 1950  COLE PORTER'S GREATEST SONGS (Alan Dale, Betty
              Brewer, The Three Suns, Russell Bennett Orchestra and others)

              This disc mistakenly lists Dale singing two songs, but in fact he is only
              featured on one: "Every Time We Say Goodbye".   The vocalist on the other
              song ("I've Got You Under My Skin") is probably Dick Merrick, who followed
              Dale with the George Paxton Orchestra..
BH1-107  Album:  Alan Dale On Tour with D'Artega and the Cavalcade Orchestra
                         contains eleven radio transcriptions from 1950 (

"How Deep Is The Ocean"    "All the Things You Are"   "Laura"
             "The Talk of the Town"         "Darktown Strutters' Ball" (solo)
             "Try a Little Tenderness"     "The Thrill is Gone"    "Stardust"  
             "Sleepytime Down South"    "Rain"    "Stormy Weather"

(a subsidiary of Columbia Records)
1078   Oct.'49      There's No Tomorrow / I Can Dream, Can't I?
1080   Oct.'49      
A Dreamer's Holiday / Give Me Your Hand


38720                        You're My Treasure / This is Heaven to Me
38742                        I'll Believe in You / More Than I Should
38814                        Ride the Magic Carpet / Today, Tomorrow & Forever
38819    Aug.1950  Moon and Sand / The Whole World's Saying I Love You
38874                        Of All Things / You Wonderful You
39033                        Let's Do It Again / Rainbow Gal
39072                        Timeless / If I Had Only Known
39302                        I'll Buy You a Star / I'm Late
39391   May 1951   Tell Me / A Robin, A Rainbow & a Red, Red Rose

27961  Nov. 1951   Broken Hearted / Silver and Gold

60699                        *Oh, Marie / Judy   (Signature reissue) Dec. 1951
*Darktown Strutters' Ball (with Connie Haines) (reissue)
60746  Mar.  1952    
Here in My Heart / I'm Sorry
60754  May  1952    
I'm Sorry / Faith
60809            1952   
  My Thrill / You're My Destiny
60850  Oct.   1952   
  Laugh, Clown, Laugh / Toddling the Todalo
60889  Jan.  1953    
How Do You Do? / Do Baby Do (with Judy Lynn)
60895  Feb.  1953    
A Million Tears / Must I Cry Again?
EC-81004  (extended play 45, four tracks)
Laugh, Clown, Laugh / My Thrill /
Sweet Jennie Lee* /Give Me The Moonlight, Give Me the Girl*
60960  Apr.  1953    
Alexander's Ragtime Band (with Judy Lynn)/
                                     I Wish I Had Never Learned

60997 June 1953    
Return to Paradise / Tonight We Live
61051           1953   
  In Old Sorento / For Your Love
Heart of My Heart / I Think I'll Fall in Love Today
                                          (with Don Cornell & and Johnny Desmond)
61119           1953    
Gioia Mia / Honey, Honey, Honey
East Side, West Side / Sweet Augustine
                                                         (with Johnny Desmond & Buddy Greco)
61215           1954    
All About You / Loving You Madly
61246           1954    
Moonlight and Roses/ I Wonder What's Become Of Sally
61268           1954    
Don't / There's No Happiness For Me (with Desmond & Greco)
61325           1955    
Learn to Croon / The Song I Heard Last Night
61373           1955   
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White / I'm Sincere
61435           1955   
Sweet and Gentle / You Still Mean the Same to Me
61495           1955   
Rockin' the Cha-Cha / Wham!
61526           1955   
You Gotta Give / Robin Hood
61553           1956   
Lisbon Antigua / I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
61598           1956  
  Dance On / Mr. Moon
61625           1956   
The Promise / The Birds and the Bees
61666           1956   
Me 'n' You 'n' the Moon / No One Home
61677           1956   
Be My Guest / Pardners (with Buddy Hackett)
61699           1957   
I Cry More / The Test of Time
61752           1957   
Don't Knock the Rock / Your Love is My Love
61781           1957  
The Girl Can't Help It  /  Lonesome Road
61817           1957  
All I Have is a Love Song / Teresa (with Lawrence Welk Orch.)
62355           1958  
The Sound of a Breaking Heart / Cicirinella

                                                   ALBUMS (Coral Records)
Alan Dale Sings
He  (all-star religious album) The Ten Commandments
Songs by Alan Dale
The Stars Visit Lawrence Welk  (Alan sings two songs which were
                                      also released on a single:
Teresa and All I Have Is A Love Song)

9828            1957       Heartless Heart / Cry, Cry, Cry
9845            1957      
How Very Wonderful / I'll Never Forgive You
9879            1957      
Cindy and I / We're So In Love, Aren't I?
9914            1958      
The Valley of the Moon / We're Together
10547          1958      
If You Want to Leave Me / If You Want To Leave Me (Italian)

K12699        1958     Volare / Weeping Willow in the Wind
K12720        1958    
The Great Adventure / Cha-Cha-Cha Funicula
K12742        1958    
Love Eyes / As Young As We Are
K12787        1958    
Oh Marie / Let Me Sleep Here Tonight, Mama

1003                           Monday to Sunday / That's a Teenage Girl

412               1959    
You Pass This Way Only Once / Blue Valley

UAL 3091   1960  ALBUM

FXS-715    1961   ALBUM:

F-407           1961     
Conquered / Daddy's Little Girl

AD-1001      1965    
The Spider and the Marionettes / Seven-Eleven

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart / All You Add Is Love

AMSTERDAM (Flying Dutchman)

AM85031 (#64511 & #64513)  
This Is Only the Beginning / All Of My Life  (1974?)
ALAN'S (almost complete) DISCOGRAPHY